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Established 2004

JTC Consulting

Electronic/Electrical Experts 

& Fire Investigations

Typical Files Performed by JTC Consulting

Settle For Less Than Half of The Original Claimed Amount.

"Budgeting" the cost for a file up-front. 

File reviews offered at a discounted rate:  This service provides an overview of a file to ensure the claim is fair and reasonable and/or to determine if there are any issues, which may need to be addressed in more detail.  A short report may also be provided, which includes opinions and recommendations regarding the file.

Budget Estimates:  Are discussed up front with each client.  Arrangements can also be made to notify the client once a not-to-exceed amount is approached when working on a file.

JTC Hourly Rates:

Private Detective & Fire Investigation:Rate Based on Project & Services Performed.

$100.00 to $175
.00 per hour: From Basic/Desk File Reviews to files with On-Site Inspections to High-Tech, Large/Complex, Expert Witness and Rush/Priority Losses.

Hourly rate is agreed to at beginning of each file.

Independent Adjuster: Negotiated Flat Rate retainer may be required, based on est. hours.

Contingency fees of 5% - 20% depending on size of the loss.

​See Agreed pricing below.

Fire Inspections: Average total $250.00 to $500.00

Company Aircraft:

We Fly Directly To The Loss


1/3 The Travel Time With No Additional Cost.

Saving Both Time & Money.

Agreed Pricing Files:

 Are where JTC arranges for an agreed settlement amount with the claimant.  
These files are billed based on a percentage.

Expenses are billed at cost & per diem.  Invoices for actual time and expenses are provided at monthly interim intervals and/or upon completion of the assignment.  Mileage is billed at the federal rate allowance for the location of the loss.  Expenses incurred for flight to and from the location of the loss are billed on an incidental basis only and will therefore not reflect any additional costs or fees.

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