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Jay Johnson

 Mr. Johnson's fundamental technical training includes experience in the electrical/electronics and telecommunications disciplines since 1984.  He has spent time in the Videoconferencing industry as a field service and technical support Electronics Engineer where he gained extensive experience with audio, video, communications, control and power distribution systems.  He then moved on to  perform field service duties on proprietary measuring, sensing and control systems for the plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries, where he installed, trained and performed FDA certifications on equipment for most of the various pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Johnson has also worked extensively for and with with various communications, aerospace and defense companies, including working directly for multiple defense contractors installing systems in the U.S. Pentagon building as well as various other high security military facilities.  Mr. Johnson has also worked directly, in hi-tech positions, for companies including; Cisco, AT&T, Sprint, Picturetel, CLI, Ratheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, Hughes Aircraft and United defense.
 Over the years Mr. Johnson has worked in many positions in the High Technology field, including Electronic Technician, Manufacturing Assembly, Quality Assurance, Field Service Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Writer, Technical Trainer/Teacher, FDA Certification, Design Engineer, Sales & Marketing Rep, Software/Business Development Consultant, Technical Consultant, District Manager and Founder/President. 
Mr. Johnson also performed an 8-month stint in New York, where he provided the primary on-site project management functions for a $300 million loss at Ground Zero.  After this, Mr. Johnson was promoted to manage a new office in Saint Louis, Missouri where he started up and ran this successful Technical Consulting office until 2004.  

Mr. Johnson is currently the President and founder of JTC Consulting, which was founded in 2004, is located in Saint Louis, Missouri and provides technical consulting services nationwide.  Given Mr. Johnson's extensive experience and JTC's affiliations with other industry leaders, there is no job too large or small for Mr. Johnson's expertise.  

Mr. Johnson is most valued for his expertise with business, electronics, electrical and telecommunications related technical losses.  The following are some additional examples of Mr. Johnson's areas of expertise:

 Failure analysis  of technical,electrical and electronic systems.Determine extent of damage and cost analysis of technical, electrical and electronic equipment.Cause, origin and solution evaluation for equipment involved in technical losses.Valuation and cost analysis of technical equipment.Forensics. Project ManagementCAT losses.

Mr. Johnson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and an Electronic Technician Diploma in electronics.

Mr. Johnson is also an FAA licensed pilot with high-performance and complex endorsements.  Which allows him to fly directly to the regional location of the loss, saving both time and money.