​Lightning Damaged Conduit

About JTC Consulting

JTC Consulting

Experts in Electronic, Electrical & Hi-Tech Losses.

Specializing in Cause, Origin & Extent of Damages, as well as Valuation, Repair/Replacement, Restoration & Salvage Options.

JTC Consulting is a Technical Consulting firm, founded in 2004, with experience in property losses, electronic, electrical and telecommunications industries since 1984.  JTC provides Insurance companies, Law firms, businesses and individuals with immediate, efficient and continued ongoing response for their high-tech electronic and electrical needs Nationwide.

JTC's services provide certainty and save clients both time and money by providing an expert  third-party opinion, reasonable cost evaluation, and 
settlement negotiations to Telecom, Gas, Electric, Plumbing, Environmental and Government property. 

Our industry knowledge allows our clients to validate that a true and reasonable cost has been reached, thus recovering hidden cost savings on claims.

How are we different 

We know what questions to ask the claimant and/or vendors in a way that is not intrusive. 

We know how long the repair should take, how many people it should take, what equipment to use, and ultimately how much the claims should cost. 

Because of this, the claimant knows we are asking legitimate directly relevant questions that, when answered, will result in getting them paid and getting the claim closed in a fair and equitable manor. 

Additionally, our in depth review helps uncover overcharges, upgrades to facilities, excessive repairs, liability if in question, and much more.

Have us negotiate a fair settlement,

or audit these claims for you!

JTC’s Electronic Division specializes in anything with an 
electronic component.   We provide clients with accurate and timely technical information regarding the cause and extent of damage, costs to repair, restore and replace high technology equipment. 

JTC also provides the highest level and most complete line of consulting service related to industrial machinery, medical equipment, telecommunications systems, audio/video, control systems, computer/network, heavy equipment, as well as any 

other type of high technology equipment.  

Services include 

Consulting on losses and equipment, which have been exposed to power surge, lightning, water, corrosion, heat, cold, soot, fire, contaminants, stresses, vandalism, shipping damage, theft, loss and 
virtually any other type of damage. 

JTC also offers fire investigation, forensics, expert witness and various electrical and electronic expert services. 

Lightning Damage

Company Aircraft:

Nationwide Service

We fly directly to any loss in

1/4 the travel-time of competitors at no additional cost to you.


Saving both time and money.

"Aerial Photography"

"​Aerial Inspections"

Tornado Damaged Tower (Fell on house in background)

JTC Consulting offers consulting services 

for the following types of equipment:

  • Manufacturing

  • Material Handling

  • Medical/Dental

  • Office Equipment

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Power Transmission/Generation

  • Printing Equipment

  • Residential

  • Telephones/NetworksSecurity

  • Telecommunications

  • Audio/Video/Control

  • Banking/ATM

  • Broadcast, TV/Radio

  • Computers & Networks

  • Communications

  • Defense

  • Emergency Response Systems

  • Fire Systems

  • Food Processing

  • Heavy Machinery Equipment

  • Industrial

  • HVAC & Environmental

  • Laboratory



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