JTC Consulting

Electronic/Electrical Experts 

& Fire Investigations

Technical Consulting

  • File Reviews

  • Audit Claims 

  • Cause and Origin Analysis

  • Determine Extent of Damage

  • Valuation/Cost Research

  • Restoration/Repairability

  • Salvage

  • CAT Services

  • Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Inspections


  • Electrical/Electronic Equipment

  • Electrical Distribution & Transmission

  • Government Property

  • ​Fire Investigation

​Hi Tech Electronic / Electrical Experts / Forensics

Fire Investigator (Missouri Licensed & Certified)

Private Investigator (Missouri Licensed)

Independent Adjuster (Missouri)

Fire Inspector

Equipment Restoration

​Data Recovery

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Why Pay for both a Fire Investigator and an Engineer/Expert along with the expensive  travel costs for both?

Our Certified and Licensed Fire Investigator is also a Hi Tech Electrical/Electronic Equipment Expert and an FAA Licensed Pilot.

JTC offers two for the price of one and discounted travel costs as well.



A+ Rating

Causes Including:
Accidents - Contamination - Corrosion - Earthquakes - Fire - Flood -Data Loss -            Lightning vs Power Surge - Physical Damages - Theft - Shipping - Vandalism


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